Mark has 18 years of digital media experience in a variety of roles. He founded Morse Media - a new media design studio, in 1997 and spent five years as Director and Lead Developer. He then moved into academia, completing a Masters of Design and was a Lecturer and Subject Director in Digital Media at Massey University.

Moving to Auckland in 2008 he took up the reins at Oktobor driving their push into the post-production creative convergence space. Three years ago Mark leapt at the chance to join Shift as Digital Creative Director and work alongside longtime rival Che Tamahori leading some of the largest and most innovative digital projects in New Zealand.

As a designer and digital media researcher, Mark's interests revolve around the impact new web technology has on the way people communicate, their collaboration in groups and the information they exchange.

His interests manifest in a wide variety of projects that cover diverse topics such as search engines, game theory, performance spaces, folksonomies, mapping and models of online consumer trust. He's an active participant in the international web development community and presents his research at conferences.

Check out my latest side project SpeedCurve which is front-end web performance monitoring tool.

Email Mark if you have any questions about the projects below.

Digital Arts Network (formerly Shift)

Joined forces with longtime arch-nemesis Che Tamahori as Digital Creative Director at Shift.


Moved to Auckland and Oktobor as Creative Technologist, leading their push into the post-production creative convergence space.
Sleepeater (2010)
Erky Perky
Erky Perky (2009)

Massey University

Projects and key achievements while a Digital Media Lecturer and Subject Director.
Trippermap (2006)

Morse Media

Key client projects and in-house projects while Founder, Director and Lead Developer at Morse.
NZMusic (2001)
AJGear (2001)
InTheShed (2000)

Victoria University

In 1995 I received a Bachelor in Design from Wellington Polytechnic/Victoria University.
Lobe (1994)
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