College of Creative Arts Forums

College of Creative Arts Forums

I developed a customized forum homepage that allows students to save their favourite areas of the forum and brings visual learning into focus.

Prior to me joining the College of Creative Arts at Massey there was no e-learning strategy in place for the studio-based design papers. I've introduced customized forum software which has made a significant impact on the teaching of studio papers. Students can now create online workbooks documenting their visual creative processes. This has led to a significant increase in the quality of students work and their critique of each others process.

The forum enables 4th year honours students to exchange information about their research projects. It fosters community and promotes the use of online spaces as a venue for academic dialogue and visual research. The forum is innovative in its use of web technologies, allowing the critique of not only text but image and video content. It's unique and leads the use of web supported research within the creative arts academic community.

The new homepage uses AJAX to allow in-place searching and the adding/removal of favourite forums. It also emphasizes the visual exchange of images along side text.

Watch my lecture from the Vice-Chancellors Symposium on the impact the forum has had on studio teaching and how it might develop in the future:

Shifting the Visual Creative Process Online