Herald iPad App

Herald iPad App

The New Zealand Herald app had to find a middle ground in-between the website and print editions. We chose to play to the strengths of the iPad with an image and video centric design and a liberal sprinkling of multi-touch gestures like swiping through articles and pinch open previews.

Apple New Zealand used the app to launch the iPad in the local market and it spent the first week as the number one free app in the iTunes store.

People from around the world have written amazing reviews and wished their own newspapers could create as great an app...

"Wow this blows away other newspaper apps (even those from the US and Europe). Well done kiwis." - Enxx (USA)

"Awesome better than any Aussie news apps, would have paid for it." - Appl3lisa (AU)

"This is the reason I bought an iPad on day 1, and I was not disappointed." - Michael J. Emery (NZ)

Mercedes sponsored the first three months so the app could be launched for free. It also allowed us to work with motion design director Jonny Kofoed to create a beautiful ad for the app designed to work in both portrait and landscape. The ad plays once per day while the app caches the days news in the background.

My first project as creative director at Shift. A total pleasure to work on! Thanks Barry (design), Steph (account management), Max (herald product manager) and Carnival (development).

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