InTheShed was a temporary performance space based on 7 artists spending 7 days in a gallery producing work in real-time in front of the audience. The show incorporated digital video projected through 9 video projectors onto screens as big as 25m, a computer/mp3 controlled sound system and live visual mixing desks, 5 G4 Macs running the show through Final Cut Pro, large oil paintings on canvas, large charcoal drawings and photography/design compositions.

InTheShed was part of the 2000 International Fringe Festival and successfully received funding from Creative New Zealand.

We were featured on TV3's Nightline arts slot. Watch the interview.

Artists involved in the project; Aaron Dustin, Grant Muir, Mark Zeman, Matt Trott, Tania Hannah, Teina Herzer.

Here's a couple of examples of the live video mixing and graphics creation we were projecting.

Clip from Day 7

Clip from Day 6

We were inspired by the design collective Tomato/Underworld and their cross disciplinary approach to design. I'd love to do it again!