Masters in Design: Searchbots

Masters in Design: Searchbots is an experimental search engine that investigates the use of mythology, personification and game theory as motivational strategies in creating a sustainable search community. Searchbots has a rich history and is unique in that it allows you to search using more "human" and entertaining types of information like colour and mood. If you picked the colour red you might get a website about tomatoes, communism or angry people.

Even though Searchbots is still just a prototype interface over 35,000 people have built their own personalized Searchbot. The project was also listed among the top 100 alternative search engines by popular web blog Read/WriteWeb.

It's been an immensely rewarding project so far and I look forward to refining and really delivering on the promises made and potential for a niche search interface.

This research project was created as part of a Masters in Design at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.

For more details visit the website and read about Searchbots. Check the blog to see what's new or watch the Webstock launch video buy clicking "Take the Tour" from the homepage.

Read the thesis (10MB PDF)

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