NZMusic was an in-house project developed at Morse to make the most out of our DV camera and a big fat fibre optic connection to the net.

We filmed New Zealand bands and broadcast them on the net. We worked with labels to get classic music videos out of the archives and back in front of the public. This was before C4 launched and the larger resurgence of interest in our own music.

NZMusic quickly turned into a thriving community and a fantastic channel for bands to communicate directly with their fans. It's currently the largest music website in New Zealand with 30,000+ members.

Our biggest success was getting Steriogram signed to an American label after that watched videos of the band on the website. won the 2001 B-Net Awards for Best New Zealand Music Website.

I was responsible for all the technical development on the first two versions of the NZMusic website including running streaming music video and radio show servers. I also had a fantastic time setting up, filming and editing footage from some of the best bands in New Zealand.

This was a project that snowballed into a way of life for all of us at Morse.

Here's an example of a music video we made for Shihad using live footage from several years worth of shows.