Steinlager Pure Land

Steinlager Pure Land

This campaign reinforces the idea that Steinlager Pure comes from the purest place on earth by giving consumers a way to secure a block of pure New Zealand land in their own name. When you buy Steinlager Pure and redeem the on pack code via SMS, iPhone app or website you'll get a block of land reserved in your own name and a chance to come to New Zealand and visit it.

Lion Nathan worked with New Zealand Forest and Bird to secure the Matuku Reserve - 120 hectares of native forest and wetland, just 40 minutes' drive from downtown Auckland, New Zealand. It has been divided into square metres that will be reserved in a consumers name until July 2012.

To help drive that point that the land is real and is being reserved in your name the digital experience revolves around a set of 360 degree panoramas from the Matuku Reserve. Each consumer is also allocated a specific block of land at an exact latitude and longitude which is represented on the site through unique blocks of land. One person may receive a square meter of river and another a punga tree.

The engagement starts with on pack promotions and point of sale in bar, driving people to send in their codes via SMS or grab the iPhone app. Later consumers can add more codes via the website and show off their unique block of land to friends via Facebook and email.

The iPhone app has a number of features that leverages the new iPhone 4. When viewing the panoramas they're linked to the new gyro which transforms the viewing experience and places you directly in the landscape with the iPhone becoming a window you can move in any direction to look around the landscape. An augmented reality stockist finder allows you to stand on a street in any major city and gives you the direction and distance to the nearest location of Steinlager Pure.

Throughout the website and iPhone app there's reinforcement that you block of land is actually real. You can see the exact location of your block of land and the current time and weather. When browsing any map or stockist there's links throughout to your block of land indicating it's direction and distance. A person in London can show off their block of land to a mate in the pub. "My block of land is 18325km in that direction, it's 10am in the morning, sunny, 23 degrees and here's what it looks like to stand on my block of pure New Zealand."

The iPhone app was designed to be a social object, that would leverage the inherent contrast between the customer's location and the product's origin. Standing in a forest in New Zealand is well near the opposite of sitting in a bar in Manhattan, and carrying around what is effectively a portal to this other, better world has immediate sociability - the experience just has to be shared.

Site and iPhone app launched on the 1st of October in Canada and will roll out to the UK and USA over the next few months.

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