Trippermap is an innovative and unique web service allowing users to place a world map on their own website which then plots photos from the highly regarded photo sharing website Flickr. Flickr has 50+ million photos uploaded by over 1 million users.

I developed a software algorithm to convert keywords/tags attached by users to Flickr photos into geographical locations on an interactive map. My interest was in leveraging user contributed metadata and discovering innovative ways to derive meaning from the data.

Trippermap is a key contributor to the Flickr community and is widely recognized as a leading example of best practice development using the Flickr API (Application Programming Interface). Trippermap makes a valuable contribution to expanding existing web paradigms and is reflective of cutting edge research in the area of open APIís and online communities.

Trippermap has been listed on the Yahoo Developer Network as a featured application; praised by Stewart Butterfield, creator of Flickr and regularly referenced in industry blogs as an exemplar.

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